Positive Thinking

Tiffany-Marie, Reiki Master's Journey

Tiffany's Life Touch

Tiffany’s Life Touch, I want to share how the universe guided me on the road to complete love for myself, my energy and MY BODY!  Tiffany’s Life Touch, was created to spread as much positivity and love as possible, everywhere. When I decided to go against all odds and build my business, I thought about what I had to offer the world; me a stay at home mother for the past 15 years. I could have gone back to my career, but at the cost of time with my children. Then I realized one of my greatest gifts is my positive outlook on life and I wanted to share this with the world. My mindfulness as a Reiki Master was the first step of creating TLTRM. 

For most of my life, I've had a daily struggle with Anxiety Disorder, constantly worrying, just to worry some more. I create jewelry to manage my anxiety and have added handmade Special Intention Spiritual Jewelry as one of my Spiritual Services. 

In addition, as a fitness instructor for almost 11 years I know the value of treating my body with natural ingredients and love. I truly believe that fitness and a positive lifestyle combat postpartum depression and whatever ails you in any stage of life. That realization brought the integration of Reiki Fitness and children’s positive affirmation workshops, designed by TLTRM to promote exercising and self love; being able to look in the mirror and LOVE what you see no matter your  age.  

Tiffany’s LifeTouch has partnered with Juice Plus/Tower Gardens to bring nutrition and healthy lifestyle full circle. Juice Plus is not tainted with GMO and is the ONLY product out there that is about spreading health, love and information to their clients. Healthy living is a lifestyle and a community of people who look beyond money and titles and see the person you are inside. This community accept you and wants to see you grow as a person and as an Entrepreneur.